Tuesday, February 15, 2011

COVERAGE! Thank you, Rachel Leon & Leesburg Patch! The Galt Line's show at a tiny coffee shop in a rural VA town is COVERED!

We nearly fell over in shock and glee when the superb Rachel Leon introduced herself to us at Shoes Cup & Cork Club in Leesburg, VA this past Wednesday.

She was there for US!  To listen to our music!  And to write about it!  For Leesburg Patch!  Woo hoo!

Here's the article:

She was as sweet as she could be and we can't tell you how happy it makes us that she calls us "punk and rockabilly dance music."  She doesn't call us folk at all (just says we nod to it, which we do)!!  She also asked questions that dug to the root of what we're up to.

She even used this kickass picture taken by the sharp-eyed Karl Gary:

Here's a highlight:
"Their lyrics are wry and raw, and touch on everything from drinking too much, to surviving a bad job, to discovering a bedbug infestation. Crawford sings in a voice like whiskey and honey - smooth and warm, with a kick. They use guitar, ukulele, bottle caps, and foot stamps to create their highly rhythmic music that gives a nod to American folk and dance traditions, while still sounding new. "

So THANK YOU RACHEL LEON and all the good people at Leesburg Patch!!!  
And to Shoes Cup & Cork Club for having us!  Can't wait to go back on April 13th :D