Friday, May 27, 2011

Why We Love Lexington, KY

One of our favorite people and musicians, the stellar Jerry Belsak, just sent us this:

HEY, BLYTHE, Willie (The Galt Line):


I took my Father out to eat at Ramsey's - so I was at this random restaurant IN Lexington, on the south side of Lex. AND I was wearing the Galt Line T-Shirt;

and our waitress comes up to take our order and she says "I've seen them play"

And proceeds to shake her leg Like you WITH all the little cymbals and percussion thingies

just to convince me that she really does know what she's talking about.!

That was GREAT - it just MADE MY DAY, Big Time!

This was two weeks ago, but I'll never forget it- Thanks for all that you do!!

- Jerry Belsak


1. Jerry is the best for wearing our shirt.
2. Jerry is the best for telling us this awesome story.
3. Jerry is an INCREDIBLE guitar player so click the link above and/or look him up right now.
4. That waitress is awesome for remembering us!
5. Lexington was one of our first out-of-town shows (R.I.P. Cultural Preservation Resources) and all the amazing people there really lit a fire in our bellies.

Thank you, Jerry Belsak & Lexington, KY.  You keep us going.

-Blythe & Willie

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bands to look up!

So just about anytime we meet someone new, they suggest a plethora of awesome bands for us to look up.  Sadly, time for research has been sparse so the list has grown quite large.  Wanna see?

Jan. 6: The Acroyogis
Jan. 15: Chris Pureka, Girl in a Coma
Jan. 29: Heart Gets Monkey
Feb. 16: The River Knot Trio
Mar. 4: Pablo & The Dregs, The Cinammon Band, The Handsom Furrs, The Sketties, Weinerslav
Mar. 6: Mal Cooper, Dave Eggar, Paul Cusko, Lost River Cavemen
Mar. 7: Bottomsop
Mar. 24: The Monotonix
Mar. 26: Jackie Green, Tristan Prettyman
Mar. 27: Adele, Page France
Mar. 29: Hot Qua String Band, Tidewater Jam, The Bee Eaters, Karen Lovely, Stolen Sweets
Apr. 2: Kings of Nothing
Apr. 3: Whole Bottle Black
Apr. 9: War Paint, Man Man, Umphrey's Mcgee, Iliyamy
Apr. 15: The Mavericks
Apr. 27: Force Major
Apr. 29: Lucas & The Lovelies, Old Liners, Handsome Creatures, Harmonious Wail,
Apr. 30: Mad Tea Party, Ulu-smb, Big Fat Marker

There are more scattered throughout my purse on little scraps of paper.  I'll post them as I find them.  If you check any of them out, let us know what you think :)