Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bands to look up!

So just about anytime we meet someone new, they suggest a plethora of awesome bands for us to look up.  Sadly, time for research has been sparse so the list has grown quite large.  Wanna see?

Jan. 6: The Acroyogis
Jan. 15: Chris Pureka, Girl in a Coma
Jan. 29: Heart Gets Monkey
Feb. 16: The River Knot Trio
Mar. 4: Pablo & The Dregs, The Cinammon Band, The Handsom Furrs, The Sketties, Weinerslav
Mar. 6: Mal Cooper, Dave Eggar, Paul Cusko, Lost River Cavemen
Mar. 7: Bottomsop
Mar. 24: The Monotonix
Mar. 26: Jackie Green, Tristan Prettyman
Mar. 27: Adele, Page France
Mar. 29: Hot Qua String Band, Tidewater Jam, The Bee Eaters, Karen Lovely, Stolen Sweets
Apr. 2: Kings of Nothing
Apr. 3: Whole Bottle Black
Apr. 9: War Paint, Man Man, Umphrey's Mcgee, Iliyamy
Apr. 15: The Mavericks
Apr. 27: Force Major
Apr. 29: Lucas & The Lovelies, Old Liners, Handsome Creatures, Harmonious Wail,
Apr. 30: Mad Tea Party, Ulu-smb, Big Fat Marker

There are more scattered throughout my purse on little scraps of paper.  I'll post them as I find them.  If you check any of them out, let us know what you think :)

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