Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mr. Orange

I would like to announce the newest member of The Galt Line, Mr. Orange, the hottest little amp on the planet. He's round, rough and juicy like a sandpaper peach. Catch him at all of our electric shows.

If you care to nerd all over the floor like I did, here's his page:

Orange Crush 35w

I first heard this amp over the summer. We were in Duet with Music in Frederick when I heard a warm, gritty melody floating through the air- Willie had plugged into this guy. I rushed over to see him sneering down at this misleadingly petite, badass orange cube (Willie's always looking for something sharp and twangy).
Not in the market for an amp, we left, but I was seeing orange for months. Then we played a show at Miller's Tavern a few weeks ago and my uke was spitting out little chord-coughs through Willie's baby, 15w Marshall practice amp- it was hiked to 11 and wouldn't have made a preacher blush.
Time for a new amp. We went from store to store, hooking me into Fender, Vox, Marshall, and many more. We even asked a salesperson, telling her I was looking for something to knock down the twang of my uke and add some rich distortion... "You'll definitely want an acoustic amp for that..." she drawls with an eyebrow, failing to notice my horror. But what the hell, we give it a shot, and everything she shows me is exactly the opposite of what I want.

We finally find a place with any orange amps at all- I plug into their smallest option, a 50w monster I would be lucky to knock over, much less lift. It had a lovely roar but a terrifying price tag so we returned to Duet with fingers crossed.
And there, glowing like the holy grail, was the very same amp I heard over the summer. I plugged in, refell head over heels, and took it home.
And we lived happily ever after.

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