Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Nose Whole

So I'd like to tell you a happy little tale and make a happy little recommendation. 

I've always wanted my nose pierced, had it done about 5 years ago, but had to take it out almost immediately for job/school/etc. and I FINALLY just got it done again.

I had the best piercing/tattoo experience I've ever had at the nimble hands of Moose B Almighty, a piercer working at TimeBomb Tattoo on Market St. in downtown Frederick.  He is very thorough and makes sure to give you exactly what you want.  And not only is he extremely friendly, clean, and professional, he is also a self-taught sword swallower and fire breather/eater!  Awesome!

So if any of you lucky people out there are looking to puncture your parts, by all means go to Moose at TimeBomb.  He's the coolest!

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