Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 29 - Langano Drink Some Beers - or - Casino Sodas and Bathrooms

It was hard to leave our pretty rooms. Slowly we made our way out, stopping to roam the beach for some time, cold ocean mist swirling around us. We found piles of driftwood, worn smooth by years in the waves. With a trudge up a steep hill from the beach to our waiting van, we knew we were leaving the coast behind. Before we left Lincoln City, we stopped off in the casino for some free soda and coffee.

After topping a hill and descending into the valley, the rain ceased instantly. The sun broke through thick clouds as we sped toward the city. We passed many small family farms, and whisked through tiny towns. From time to time we would stop off at another casino for more free soda and free slot play. We had a little lunch, and switched off drivers. I did my best Blythe impression and passed out as fast as I could.

It felt like minutes before I jerked awake, surrounded by buildings. We were already in Portland. Stepping through Portland when I had just been in the country for 2 days was disoriented. We wandered the streets for some time, ate some Chinese from a great food cart, and watched Portland move around us.

Preparing for the show, we stepped into Langano Lounge a little early. Jason, The bartender, got us set up with a beer and a shot. We nursed our whiskey while waiting for Teddy, the lady in charge, to show up. In a short time, Sarah Buckley arrived. Sarah, with her old boyfriend Barak, lived next door to us in Brooklyn. She was kind enough to set up this evening. Not long after, the whole bar began to fill up.

The music began with some instrumental compositions by Sean and Scott. Next, Sarah stepped up and featured a number of the tunes she’s been writing lately. She had a varied cast backing her up, including Jenna (who we knew in NYC) on violin, Scott on guitar, and Sarah’s room mate Tasha on vocal harmonies.

We took the spotlight next for a loose and punky set. People were up and dancing, and the crowd seemed completely in to what we were doing. This was a good show. Afterwards we sat and talked with Nate, Mirage, Glenna, and Maya and others, just bullshitting about Portland and about music.

After the show we hung out at Sarah’s boyfriend’s house, sipping on beers and getting to know each other. It was very late before anyone realized it, and Sarah sent us off to her apartment for some desperately needed sleep.

Thank you to Langano lounge, Jason and Teddy for getting us set up, and Sarah for taking care of everything.

Tomorrow… Giant Pancakes, Port Townsend, Operation ID, and a terrible show.

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