Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dirty Yeti Beach Party Seattle

"The Galt Line 'ere tonight? Thought so, sir."

The two soldiers bustled past and picked two stools at the counter. "Drinks sir!"

I eyed them suspiciously and stepped in front of the bottles that now lined the shelves. Everyone clearly had drinks in their hands. Liquor is not allowed in this area because of some local civil trouble with the native villagers. "We serve no alcohol here boys."

"Can it. We're not here to cause you trouble. We just want a dab of good ole English whiskey." He gave a rogueish wink and tipped his wrist back, miming a drink. "Our fellows told us this would be the spot for it.

"Well alright boys. Half price tonight!"

Bremerton was grey as ever in the morning. We snuck out of Gentry’s house and drove up the hill to a diner run by some folks who were at the show the night before. They kindly invited us to have breakfast, so we piled into a booth next to Kelly (former birthday girl and Hi Fidelity co-owner) and her friends. We had huge omelets and lots of coffee. Blythe also bought a painting by a local artist of John Wayne riding a Tauntaun through a psychedelic space background.

Afterwards, we took a ferry across the sound to Seattle. The ferry ride was beautiful, showing us some of the only sunshine we were to see in the Northwest. The boat glided past evergreen islands and marinas packed full of sailboats. Sea birds traced the ferry’s path while the Seattle skyline came into view around an island. The crystalline spires grew taller as the boat approached the dock.

We rolled off the boat and up the street and parked. With an afternoon to burn before our show, we thought we might explore downtown Seattle. We marched to the place all Seattle tourists go. Pikes Place market is hours of entertainment. With everything from fresh seafood and produce to full sized oil paintings and handmade instruments for sale, there were endless things to peruse.

Later we walked the streets, peering in the windows of coffee shops and boutique stores. Eventually we happened on the Utilikilt store. After the guy running the store handed us a beer, we had to stay and chat. Half an hour later we walked out with a kilt. Not long after we met Dustin and Natasha for dinner at a gleaming sushi restaurant. We talked for a bit about being on the road, and Dustin’s upcoming thesis, an account of a medieval labor dispute within the cloistered walls of the Catholic Church.

After dinner we drove a short bit to the venue, Comet Tavern, and began loading in. Aside from the door guy, everyone was very helpful. Before long all the work was done and we had met the other bands, decided on order, and launched into the music. First up was Weatherside Whiskey Band, a roots act with cool country tunes and a great upright bassist. We followed with a tight and fast set. After, Judd Wasserman put together a big band and played Dark Side of the Moon note for note.

After giving a goodnight to the bands, getting some unnecessary shit from the door guy, and loading out, we get a free hot dog at the cart outside (Italian sausage with grilled onions and cream cheese… wild eh?). We hopped in the van, hit the highway, and ate up an hour of rainy highway before turning off at a truck stop and checking in to a dirty little room.

Over the din of a roomful, an Officer poked his head around the door. "Oi, you two." He shouted at the two young soldiers. "What're you doin' here."

The soldiers had had a few, so they raised their glasses in unison and retorted, "Havin' a drink sir!"

"You're in trouble now boys. Drinking in town where its illegal."

They looked at each other and worried.

"Now!" The officer shouted. "Now, you owe me a drink! I hear The Galt Line are coming this way."

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