Sunday, July 15, 2012

TGL's Hoity Toity Tour to The Northeast Day 1: Hambone's Pub in Pittsburgh, PA

We are video blogging instead of regular blogging this time around.  Here's Day 1 of our 6th tour through the US, this time to the Northeast.  It's our first time playing up here aside from our roots in NYC and 1 show in Burlington Vermont a couple years ago.  
This is our first foray into video blogging.  It's pretty casual so far, but who knows what madness we shall come up with as we get used to the format?  Or maybe we'll just keep talking and driving...
Day 1 is Friday the 13th (of July), 2012.  Hambone's Pub in Pittsburgh, PA with fiddler Max Ward.

And here is Max Ward:


  1. Like the Video Blog.
    Cheers from CO

  2. Aw! Thanks for checking it out, you guys.
    We're hoping to head your way in the winter- will send details along as soon as we've got em :)


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