Monday, April 5, 2010

A Zesty Zombie-Jesus Day!

First off, Happy Easter, everybody!
Truth be told, I was forgetting it was Easter all day. 
We woke up to a lovely donut and coffee breakfast with my mother then braved the beautiful weather and went to DC.

We started with a pit-stop at the National Gallery of Art.  They've installed this wild hyperspace-y tunnel between the east and west wings:

Then we checked out their latest exhibit, The Sacred Made Real: Spanish Painting and Sculpture, 1600–1700.  We saw all kinds of grisly paintings and bloody sculptures of the King of Kings and some doe-eyed saints.  It was pretty awesome and definitely made us want to go look at some flowers :)

They've lost a lot of blooms but are still pretty damn pretty.

And the people-watching makes it.

I got pretty good at sneaking pictures.  If the band falls through, I'm definitely going back to school for a BA in stalking.

We also found this awesome memorial for the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

It's been there since 1976 but it's kinda hidden.  Go look for it.

ALL the trashcans were like this.  I pity the clean-up crew...

We found this bizarre courtyard with this bizarre sculpture at the EPA headquarters....

And a bizzare-er one...

After prowling the town, we ended the night at The Wonderland Ballroom

where we saw two AWESOME performers:  Danni Rosner and Bonnie Leigh.

We sat around drinking Paulaner Hefeweizen (yum!!!) with Ian of The Swampkeepers, who will be joining us on keys for our June 20th show at Wonderland- definitely not to be missed! 
We also met his buddy Matt of Idle Americans and Big Boy Little.  Give a listen!

Now I'm closing the night with Blazing Saddles and checking out a couple new bands we learned about:
The Martinis
Mates of State

Hope your holiday was as good as ours!

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