Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's Up WV: A Kick-Arse Blog with a Kick-Arse Purpose

Hi Guys-

Just want to let you know about this awesome blog, What's Up WV, run by this awesome guy Graye.

This is from his myspace:

"After getting frustrated searching through tons of sites just trying to figure out what was happening 1 weekend - I decided to give it my best and attempt to gather all the event information out there and put it all in one site - so I started WhatsUpWV.

Relatively soon it became necessary to branch festivals, sports, music and then arts into their own sites - since it simply was too much information for 1 calendar.

So that's what I do - really just trying to get info to people so they can get out and support West Virginia music, festivals, sports and arts."

This fine fellow is doing a ton of work to provide a wonderful and FREE service, and he was kind enough to include us in his admirable endeavors:

He runs his main site:

And a myspace page:

Anyone doing either has an idea of how much work it takes to keep these things current.

So give him some hits, find something awesome to do, and leave him a comment or something for helping us find the party!

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