Monday, November 29, 2010

September tour blog day 3

Day 3 : Bowling Green OH
The Drive to Bowling Green was beautiful and smooth and we got into town around 1:30, leaving us with a whole afternoon of free time. We wandered around town for a while, checking out the courthouse and all the local shops. 

Then we settled into a city park and finished writing our zombie song, The Piper< inspired by Dan Eliss’s amazing flyer. We also finished the first song of our Renn Fest act and got half-way through another. We also met a sax player who we hope to play with the next time we are in BG.

            We made our way back to Howard’s around 8 and hung out on the stage, taking care of some computer business. The awesome sound man, Maurice, got us dinner. They were some killer sandwiches from a local spot called Mr. Spot’s.

            It wasn’t until we started to unload that we caught some bad news. Willie’s strat was gone. Tracing our trail backwards, we realized it had to be at Dancin’ Chuck’s house, where we stayed the night before. We got a hold of him eventually. As soon as we knew it was safe, we could put it out of our mind and enjoy the show.

             We were thrilled when local musician Harry Mel showed up with some friends! We met Harry at Howard’s last may when he performed as Harry and the Hood.

Harry and his friends were a real party. We had a killer time drinking some beers and talking with them. We were totally honored that they came out to our show. A couple of other cool people we met in May came out as well. A huge thank you goes out to all of you who showed that night.

We got to play with a few local musicians that nice.  A nice guy named Tim open the show with a huge voice and a set of covers. We played a very loud and fun set next, to an appreciative crowd. Harry and co. were a riot and there were also some pirates in the crowd! The bar was full of super-nice people. We got to talk to a lot of them after our set, and sincerely hope our paths cross again. A very sweet lady even got us a couple of rounds of shots! I had my first Jager-bomb in years, and Willie sucked down some Jameson. Howard’s was Glorious.

            It’s just the kind of bar. It’s full of laid back, but enthusiastic, people getting their kicks playing pool and just hanging out. Howard’s is like go to a party at a friend of a friend’s place. You always leave feeling good and meeting some new buddies.

            Also that night Marianna played some soulful singer-songwriter tunes with interesting rhythms and some big notes. The night was closed out by Zach Wilson. We played with him in May also. He plays some Neil Youngish styled stuff with a deep voice and tricky guitar parts. It was a nice way to simmer down for the evening. Alas, then came time o bid good night to our buddies old and new.

            We made our short journey to North Baltimore where we were staying with Gary Jackson, another clever songwriter that everyone should check out.

            We woke up the poor guy at 3 am, but being the wonderful guy he is, he let us in and we hung out and watched TV before we all passed out (me first, as usual).

Another Kick ass day on the books.

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