Friday, December 3, 2010

A Day in the Life

Today we:

-recorded the Punctual Drummer (my bottle-cap leg shakers), -remastered all our tracks to include the PD,
-uploaded new and improved tracks to all our websites... check 'em out!!! (facebook, reverbnation, myspace)
-recorded vocals and the PD for a recording-in-progress of Helen Morgan,
-emailed venues from Maryland to Missouri about our March tour
-encountered the following bands through our booking research: Rootstone Jug Band, The American Freedom Machine, Dangerbird, The Bloodroots Barter, and many more
-got some sad news: RIP The Key Note Speakers and temporary r.i.p. A Melodic Horizon
-set up Grooveshark and BandCamp accounts
-ignored Tommy Boy, Good Night and Good Luck, Spaced, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Labyrinth, Doc Martin, and other stuff we noticed even less while we worked worked worked
-made delicious turkey soup and rolls (with yeast!  so proud!)
-practiced tin whistle and uke

I know we did more, but we're in a sofa daze.
This is what we do!  Hopefully it will someday soon be mixed in with more driving and wild shows and drinking...

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