Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 1 of The Galt Line Wild West Party Tour

An easy first day for the Galt Line Wild West Party Tour. After some Mexican for lunch with the Mom and a quick stop at Guitar Center, we were on our way. We blasted down I-66, rocketing into rural VA. Thrilled to see the DC Metro area in the rear view mirror, Blythe expressed excitement by promptly passing out in the passenger seat. Soon we were rolling in to Harrisonburg (while listening to Charlie Sheen’s coked up radio call-in rants on Hollywood Babble-on), and we did what any progressive, forward thinking, on the road, salt of the earth, modern minded musical group would do. We went to Wal-Mart as fast as we could to pick up some food and some things we forgot.

With some time to kill, we strolled through a CD store (a true anachronism). Blythe picked up an Elvis collection and Janis Joplin, Live at the Winterland

Next we listened to music and snacked in the unassuming parking lot of WXJM. The right and honorable Rev. Bill was kind enough to secure us a spot on the show that he does with friends Molly, Molly, and Buck.

They've got a morning zoo meets Austin City Limits thing going on here, where they joke with the bands, then let them play a few tunes. Its truly great radio programming, and one might wonder what the media world would be like if commercial radio took a page out of their book.

We play a sloppy, but energetic set, and chatted with the hosts about donuts, meat, zombie ants, and underwear. Big thanks to all of them for having us on. We followed up the show with some beers and whiskey at the Judy Chops’ bitchin’ cool house. Here we were spoiled with our own room and access to a shower. In a few short days, life will be a little tougher (and a lot smellier). More thanks to the Judy Chops for their hospitality.

Tomorrow… hills, glass blowing, railroad bridges, coffee and a Darjeeling cold opening (Staunton VA social event of the season?).

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