Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 5 – Day Off - or - Off Day

Waking up in the farm house was one of the most pleasant yawnings and stretchings of this tour yet. With birds chirping and sun shining, we sat and talked with Lindsey for a while, with steaming coffee mugs in hand. Soon Kyle and Brent of American Freedom Machine joined us. We hiked a mile long path they had cut through the woods surrounding the farm, then set off for Louisville to help Lindsey move into her new apartment. She just secured a beautiful studio space above the Highlands Art Studios.

Us Galt Liners grabbed some lunch, and sat in the sun and cool spring air in Cherokee park. After, we met them on Bardstown road, carrying heavy things up many narrow stairs. We put our shoulders to a mattress and box spring, a couch, a dresser, the usual. After some beers and cider, we parted ways. Since the drinks had made us a little light headed, we walked on down the street away, stopping to peruse the stock of a very nice guitar shop. Soon it was getting dark and cold.

With the illness of Tara, we had already decided to let the Maxey house alone, so as not to impede the healing of the sick. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a spot to sleep yet. Fortunately, Byron call right then, and we all hooked up at Curse Childers place. Sipping vodka and eating Hot-n-Ready pizzas was a real treat. We munched and drank as Byron and Curse ran through some Melodic Horizon tunes that they had started repurposing for a duo format.

It wasn’t long until the excitement was too much for Blythe, and she nodded off, pizza in hand. We called it a night there, and Curse kindly put us up in a spare room.

Tomorrow… Our 24 Hour Day, The Black Feather, Farewell to KY (sadly but finally), and a look at the Rock Star’s life from inside a Drury Inn.

Big Thanks to Lindsey, and Kyle and Brent from American Freedom Machine, and Curse for putting us up and all the kind words.

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  1. P.S. I did NOT fall asleep w/ pizza in my hand! And it was after 2am- a respectable time for such wild hooligans as ourselves.


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