Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 10- Price of the Plains - or - Steaks on the Run

There was frost on the tent when we woke. It was cold. Teeth chattering it was so cold. I mean witches tit in a brass bra cold. It wasn't warm. We packed up fast and booked it out of there, stamping our feet on the floorboards and rubbing our knuckles until the engine warmed. In a few moments we were blasting down a lonely prairie highway at 80 mph through the golden grassed hills, under a crystal blue sky.

The sun warm our van through the windshield, and we were content. We snacked on nuts and cold coffee for a while until lunch time rolled around. We hit a Wal-Mart and bought some cheap steaks. Another 20 miles down the road we stopped at a rest area, fired up a grill in the whipping Kansas wind and grilled our steaks and roasted our leftover vegetables. Sometimes we eat better on the road than any other time. Lunch was good.

Most of the day we spent on the highway. Kansas is big I tell you. This is ok for us but for one thing. Gas costs... a lot. We were burning through our band fund. Strange that we ended up with nearly 3 days in Kansas for just one show in Wichita. And now it felt like we were pouring gas down the drain. Just wait until California.

Soon, Colorado appeared. We were thrilled. the 75 mph speed limit brought us swiftly to the foothills, where the mountains climbed steadily over the horizon line. In no time we had bought beer, and were ready to sit and visit with our friends from New York, Craig and Caroline. They once owned one of our favorite spots in New York, Stain Bar.

                                                                             This was their bar.

We had some dinner at Oskar Blues, one of the many Colorado venues to turn us down for a show this trip. We came on back to there apartment and chatted and drank cider and has a great night. They were kind enough to put us up for the night. Blythe was so thrilled by the prospect, that she fell asleep standing up, and had to be put to bed. That was the end of the night.

Big thanks to Craig and Caroline for putting us up and the state of Kansas for kindly drinking up our gas.

Tomorrow... The Stanely Hotel, Dustin Edge... and Mountain Madness.

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