Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 4 – Highland’s Ego Stroke - or – LexTown Plan Melt Down

Crawling from our burrow above Bloodroots house, we peeked through the windows to find some snow dusting the trees. The roaring river that gushed beneath the house the night before had calmed to a sedate and deliberate flow. After some coffee from our new percolator and a moment to check the weather, we departed for Lexington. We’d slept a bit late, so time was tight, but we hit the winding Kentucky highway with bravado and sped through the mountains.

The terrifying weather from the night before had left a breath of snow across the treetops on the peak of each mountain, and it looked as if the hills had donned a wooly scarf of pure white. The road rose and curled and dropped through the line of elevation, bringing us alternately through the snowy realm and the grim grey and brown standard winter in the hills.

While cruising down the mountains toward the rolling green of horse country, we attempted a few calls to our Lexington friends to no avail. We pulled off the highway for some dollar burgers and WiFi to try some real communication. McDonalds treated us well after some hours of running on only coffee and we got up the new blog and sent some feelers out to LexTown. We were a little concerned about time before the show, so we rolled on to Louisville. Finally we contact Ricky, who tells us that Tara worse for wear. Apparently she has Bubonic Plague, so we offered to null plans for a visit until a later date when everyone is healthy. This left our agenda wide open.

We filled our free time by using a big clean public bathroom and browsing through a Books-a-Million. We were perusing the bargain DVD section when Lindsey, of Dead River Company fame, called us up and offered to meet us at the bar. Over some beers she explain the disintegration of that group and the madness that ensued afterward that brought her from New York to rural Kentucky.

The set was great. Some people came out to see us again, and a few saw our website and stayed for the whole set. We played as hard as we could right up to 2 hours, and thought best to release the poor people before we beat their ears to death. Alan Cannon kindly helped us set up the house PA and recorded the show, some video and some audio. He does all sorts of stuff!

Lindsey kindly invited us to sleep at the farm she stays at with friends. We’re here now. It’s beautiful. Now, a day off.

Tomorrow… Nature trails, Farm House, Lindsey’s new apartment, Matt Steiner.

Big Thanks to Tammy at the bar, Lindsey, Alan, and Tyler, Jay, and Kristin, Lindsey and Kristin, Derrick, Erin, and everyone who came out.

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