Monday, August 29, 2011

The Galt Line Beer and Sausages Tour Day 11

Did you ever see Repo Man?

Life in the motel of Northern KY (a VERY cheap motel by the way) is a hard one. There are so many car windows in downtown Cincinnati to smash, and only so much daylight. Though this line of work may pay more than ours, we thought that we might forge ahead with our dreams, and slide out of the Cincinnati metro area undetected.

The open Midwest highway is a beautiful sight to the traveler. The road bends straight, and the blue sky opens to smile on you as you speed across the flattened landscape. One can speed quickly through the lush green trees and sprawling farm land, to their respectable destination beyond.

Before rolling in to town, we stopped by our accommodations for the evening. We set up a tent, and some basic affects, at Moraine View State Recreation Park. It was a mere ½ hour from our venue, and the elements of a flame cooked dinner were easily attained.

Normal IL is aptly named. We drove past an extensive commercial section and into a flat and well swept downtown section. Parking was easy to find, and we stepped onto the sidewalk exactly in front of the congruently named venue, "The Coffee House". It was exactly that, a building in which coffee was served. With florescent lights and cinder-block walls and office carpet, it was stripped of the normal coffee shop decor. It looked more like and institutional building, where one might get their driver's license or file a complaint about the neighbor's grass.

We loaded onto the low stage, and sipped on our tiny free drinks. We played a show to harassed looking college students who were doing their first school work of the year. Near the end, a group of three musicians came to talk to us and say nice things. They had run a group for a while called The Melancholy Trees.

We loaded out fast, as they were closing down around us, and the lights began to flicker out. It was clear that the night was over. After we were loaded, we obtained supplies for a nice dinner of sausages and grilled mushrooms and peppers. A little grilling and $3 wine is all anyone needs to chase off the shadows of an awkward show. The only strange event of the evening was the appearance of giant, skeletal white spiders in the trees. With wine and food, we drifted off to sleep, a little disrupted by the comically loud night sounds.

Tomorrow... we escape a thunder storm, Swing State in Lake Villa IL, and a DAY OFF!!!

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  1. Aw, I wish I was at your Il shows......its all good, i'll wait till next time!!!

    I would also like to mention that apparently when you guys camp, you are surrounded by spiders...maybe shelob has a web cast around you! Hope you guys walk around A LOT in chi town on your day off!

    I almost don't want to read the rest of your blogs because I don't want them to be over :)


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