Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Galt Line Beer and Sausages Tour Day 6

Leaving “Las” Raleigh, or “Detroit Rock” Johnson City

We just plain had to do it. We left our motel room and hit the road. However, leaving behind these creature comforts was no great tragedy. Five shows with the Bloodroots Barter awaited us, and we were sure that these were going to be great shows. The gigs were booked in their territory, at places that they had developed. They were really inviting us in to something that they had cultivated and we were going to play for some new ears.

After a quick oil change, we left Raleigh and hit the highway for Johnson City. The Acoustic Coffeehouse was in our sights, and we were eager to play this familiar spot. Every time we play there, we see new faces and old. There’s always an appreciative crowd, not to mention some great beer.

With a long trip down the highway, and a short detour over some mountains, we found ourselves in the Coffeehouse parking lot. While unloading, Jim, the proprietor of the Acoustic Coffeehouse and professional musician, asked us if he could sit in on bass. Sure! Soon, The Bloodroots folks started showing up. A quick beer together, and a short reunion, and we were off.

We started in with a pretty hot set of about an hour and a half. There were some dancers, and a few hoots and hollers. After some set up, Bloodroots Barter stepped up and blew through two hours pretty fast.

With the music for the night over, it was time to catch up with everyone. We hung around the Acoustic Coffeehouse very late. Finally, after a very long day and many adult beverages, a friend in town, Jorja, offered us a place to sleep. We gratefully accepted, and found ourselves in our sleeping bags in minutes, drifting off to the Tennessee night sounds.

Tomorrow…  Southgate House, and the Cincinnati metro area. 

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