Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Galt Line Beer and Sausages Tour Day 2

Staunton Vampires Do Not Suck

We stretched and yawned in the cabin. Peering through the window in the loft we could see a rolling field and a blue mountain in the distance. It’s strange to feel your world expand when you see it in daylight. After packing out the sleeping bag, we carefully drove the rutted gravel road to the highway and glided into town.

 A visit to Walmart was in order for clean bathrooms and a little breakfast. Refreshed, we wandered town a little bit before settling in Shenandoah Pizza for a pie and a tall, cold cider. It was perfect.

 We were hoping to run into proprietor and honorary Staunton mayor Johnny Huggins, but we missed him. Instead we saw Sam Stallings, brother of Pete. We caught him on a cigarette break, so we sat in the sun and watched the street together while we caught up.  We were accosted briefly by a girl running for the state legislature. She campaigned to us for a minute and ran off.

Next we posted up in a coffee shop to do a little computer work, post yesterday’s blog, and sip on iced coffees. Pete stopped by and invited us to his apartment to hear the new Secret Ninja EP. We packed up and stopped by Pete’s place. The recordings sounded good. If they post them up, we’ll link all of you good folks to them.

In a short time we found ourselves in Gone Studios, A warehouse space near the train tracks. We were sweeping up cigarette butts and meeting Angus, artist and host for the evening, when a group of five or ten people blew into the room, chattering at top speed and moving tables around. With a few words from Racheal, one young lady helping lead this parade, they left again. Snacks and booze were needed for the evening.

You see, we were not the only act for the evening. We were to share the space with a group of young folks acting in a role playing game. They were playing as a group of aristocratic vampires, meeting for the first time in some castle from antiquity. We were informed that we were playing the part of enchanted mortals, beguiled and charmed to provide entertainment for the night.

The sky opened, and rain began pouring down, complete with thunder.

 Soon vampires appeared from the bathroom, and streamed through the front door. Drinks were poured, and music began with Stuart Joseph McCumsey, who graced us with some energetic and southern fried songwriting material.

 Pete stepped up next and blasted through some tunes.

 Late in the night, we took the stage, and slammed through a short set of songs at full blast. Whiskey bottles and dancing vampires abounded. Then we stumbled off the stage.

The night drew to a close as we bid farewell to the vampires. The rain continued to fall. We stretched out our bed on the cold warehouse floor and drifted off.

Tomorrow…  Virginia’s forgotten highways, Yancyeville, Our home for 3 days, and Viva la Vox

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