Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Galt Line Sausages and Beer Tour Day (- 1)

We have not stopped moving since April, when we returned from the West Coast. With frequent trips to Atlantic City, Magical Marriage Computer, recording and releasing our new album “Skin of Our Teeth,” The Main Street Music Festival, and Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival, as well as constant shows and our Residency at Bella through STTP, we have been busy all day every day. At this rate, another tour will actually be relaxing.

The day before the tour was spent taking our good friend Neha to swear into citizenship for our great country. We walked for hours around fluorescent lit hallways of the INS building in Baltimore, waiting for Neha to nervously answer civics questions fired by what we imagined to be a tall, non-descript man in a black suit. Soon she had her hand on her heart, proudly promising to pay taxes and sign up for the draft.

Afterwards we ditched plans for an all American celebration, and instead parted ways so we could do whatever was to be done to roll out the next day. Blythe and I spent the evening finishing t-shirts and burning CD’s while watching Simon Pegg movies. It was not the most Rock n’ Roll evening, but now we were ready.

There is some band business to deal with here. After our new CD release at The Main Street Music Festival we had a party, generously hosted by Chris and Neha. For this party we purchased a keg of Killians Irish Red Lager.

 The guests did a fine job on the keg, and drank about two thirds of the premium beer. We want to be sure that when we return the keg and tap for the deposit, that the beer is GONE. We have challenged Neha and those in the household to empty that keg before we return. Neha is expected to update all of us on our facebook page as to how many beers have been had each day. We want all of you out there to encourage those in the house with comments of confidence. We think they can do it.

Tomorrow… A podcast, almost. And The Pigeon Hole with one Pete Stallings.

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